Nessy Leaning and the Bristol Dyslexia Centre have led the way in providing guidance for dyslexic students for the past 40 years. Their expertise has enabled children to flourish and find their way in the world. The Nessy software is now helping children all over the globe. 

To mark Dyslexia Awareness Week, Nessy is launching a fundraising campaign to support the British Dyslexia Association – GO GREEN FOR DYSLEXIA. 

All funds will go towards raising awareness and helping young people throughout the UK to go and get tested, go and get information and go and get help.

On Monday  as well as Ashton Gate Stadium, the following local buildings and organisations were lit green in support of the Go Green for Dyslexia Campaign.

British Dyslexia Association

Bristol Zoo Gardens

Wills Memorial Building – University of Bristol 

Bristol Dyslexia Centre 

The M Shed – Bristol City Council 

Brunel’s SS Great Britain 

NESSY LEARNING, Royal London Buildings, Baldwin Street, Bristol 

Avon Gorge Hotel 

Cardiff Bay Barrage 

Nessy Learning is working in partnership with Bristol City Council – gifting Nessy Reading & Spelling licences to every library in Bristol and the surrounding areas. Nessy is also gifting Bristol City and Bristol Bears with Reading & Spelling licences to support their community departments.

For the entire Dyslexia Awareness Week Nessy is offering the screening program (Dyslexia Quest) and the teacher training program (Dyslexia Training) free of charge to schools and parents throughout world, in partnership with the British Dyslexia Association. 

Commenting on Going Green, Ben Breeze Chief Community Officer – Bristol Sport said; “Bristol Sport is proud to support the Go Green for Dyslexia Campaign. Dyslexic’s have talents that need to be explored and through Nessy it makes learning fun and helps to raise confidence.

“We would like to thank Nessy for gifting licences to our Community Department.”