Progress Update 08-10-15

Stadium Development Project Manager Peter Smith tracks all of the latest changes to Ashton Gate as the £45million rebuild continues.

Visitors to Ashton Gate this weekend will no doubt notice that work constructing the new West Stand has now started in earnest. Over the summer months our main contractor, McLaughlin and Harvey (formerly Barr), have prepared the area employing two local companies based just over a mile from Ashton Gate to assist in this work. Wring Group (Bedminster) were employed to demolish the old Williams Stand and Dancourt (Ashton Vale) then undertook ground works. With piling and foundations completed, work on the steel frame began last week.

The rear section (upper tier) of the West Stand will be constructed first, starting from the south and working northwards towards the Atyeo Stand. Pre-cast concrete terracing and poured concrete floors will start to be added in the coming weeks to provide the frame with added rigidity as it grows. By early November work will start on the truss to support the new roof. At eight metres high and 220 tonnes, the West Stand truss will be over twice the size of the truss lifted onto the Dolman roof last April. This makes it too large to be transported in sections so the whole thing will be assembled on the ground behind the temporary floodlight pylons, before being lifted into place during the winter. At this point the West Stand will reach its highest point of 37.05m and tower above the South Stand which stands at 19.86m by comparison. 
Once the truss is up the rafters can be added and work on the lower tier of the stand will get underway. It promises to be another busy year in the transformation of Ashton Gate.

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