Progress Update 10-02-15

Tuesday, February 10th 2015

Supporters sitting in the Dolman Stand will notice a number of changes since they last took to their seats.

The old turnstiles, toilets and stairs at the north end of the stand were demolished last week and a new temporary turnstile block and emergency exit gate have been installed a few metres away ahead of the Bristol City vs Port Vale game on Tuesday night. The ticket scanners have been re-located, the entrances into the Dolman Hall remain open and temporary toilets have been installed so supporters can continue to use the stand.

Three temporary staircases which were last used when Bristol City hosted Fleetwood on 1st February were taken down last week to allow small piling rigs to come in and begin driving steel tubes into the ground which will eventually support the front of the Dolman Stand when it’s rebuilt later this year. All the stairs plus an additional fourth set will be back in place ahead of Tuesday’s game, allowing supporters to access the Upper Dolman.

Eagle-eyed supporters will notice new floodlights have been installed underneath the Dolman Stand roof, enabling us to disconnect the old lights which need to be taken down before the roof extension work begins.  The new floodlights will be relocated back onto the top of the new roof later in the scheme.

With CCTV, emergency lighting, alarm systems and data connections also relocated last week it’s been a busy time but thankfully other services such as hot water, cellar cooling, gas diversions and mobile phone mast relocations were completed before Christmas.

Despite four home games in the second week of February, Barr Construction will press ahead with work to Dolman between games and will hope to start groundwork soon. By the end of the month they hope to start work on a large steel frame on the end of the stand which will take the weight of the new extended roof.

The new South Stand has also progressed - in the South West corner more steel, roof and pre-cast concrete have been added and work has now begun on the central section of the stand. Painting of the internal steel in underway, the concrete floors have been poured and internal walls will now begin to be built.

In the opposite corner, work has progressed on a highly complex steel frame which will connect the roofs of the existing Dolman Stand with the new South Stand and the first sections of the seating deck have been put in place.

In the coming weeks and months Barr will carefully complete the South Stand work in sequence, working outwards from the South East corner with access being critical on a constrained site. Work will begin on the Dolman roof extension which will involve building large sections of the roof on the ground and lifting them into place. These will be supported by three large towers which will have to stay in place until the roof extension is completed and will unfortunately cause restricted views for supporters in the Dolman Stand during that period.

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