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Progress Update 19-03-15

Thursday, March 19th 2015

Since our last update visitors to the stadium will have noticed significant progress on the new South Stand, especially in the east (Dolman) corner where additional roof steel and precast concrete has seen the structure take shape.

More steel has also been erected in the central section as the two corners move together to meet each other. Our contractors, Barr, have sequenced the work carefully and are working outwards from the corner to maintain access and so the middle section of the stand will be the last in place.

Although less visible, internal work is progressing in both corners with more walls being built, concrete floors poured and M&E installations under way. As you can see from the photos the accommodation within the corners now has its basic shape and you can see the structure of rooms such as the sports bar.

The external face of the South West corner has also progressed with secondary steelwork being installed ready for the stand to be clad. With much of the roof cladding already in place the South West corner will soon become fully enclosed.

Over on the Dolman side much of the focus in recent weeks has been groundworks and foundations for the new lower tier. The next major step will be the construction of a new frame on the north (Atyeo) end of the Dolman Stand and the construction of the new truss that forms the roof extension. These works will inevitably mean inconveniencing Dolman Stand users for a short period but we’ve been working hard to minimise this and will be communicating details with supporters shortly.

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