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Progress Update 26-05-16

Stadium Development Project Manager Peter Smith tracks all of the latest changes to Ashton Gate as the £45million rebuild nears completion.

As rugby players and fans nursed sore heads following Bristol’s promotion, the stadium development team used the end of the 2015-16 season as the start of preparations for 2016-17.

Within a matter of days the temporary gantry in front of the West Stand had been removed, the floodlights taken off the towers, the Winterstoke Road gates demolished and the new goalpost locations marked out.

Although the new pitch was installed two years ago, the development on the west side of the stadium meant we could only move the goals and white lines 2.5 meters. By the time the new season starts the pitch will be in its final position, a full 5 meters west of the old.

The removal of the Winterstoke Road gates has enabled McLaughlin & Harvey to crack on with external works from the site entrance all the way back in to the area immediately behind the West Stand. Once drainage, ducts and underground services are installed the whole area will be tarmaced to form the new car park and site entrance.

Meanwhile work on the West Stand itself marches on relentlessly. The player changing areas are now fully formed with showers and services installed and awaiting the final finishes. Lifts, turnstiles and kitchen equipment are now in place and being connected by specialists.

Once the final few bits of heavy equipment have been lifted onto the appropriate floors and the final seats in place, McLaughlin & Harvey will close the loading bays to give the external stadium a more finished appearance.

This phase of work coincides with them ‘breaking through’ from the West Stand into the South stand to connect up the ‘horse-shoe’ – a key feature of the stadium design. With the South Stand fully operational and the Sports Bar & Grill prepared for screening the Euros, this has required some meticulous planning between both parties.

Planning is also well under way for us to fit-out and equip the West Stand in July. With furniture, TVs and specialist IT services just a few of many items which we’ll need to install ourselves, June is likely to prove a very busy month.

Watch all of the action happen as Ashton Gate is rebuilt with our time lapse webcam here - now featuring a reverse angle view of the West Stand.

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