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Progress Update 30-07-15

Stadium Development Project Manager Peter Smith tracks all of the latest changes to Ashton Gate as the £45million rebuild continues.

With the first competitive home game of the season just over two weeks away it’s all hands on deck as we prepare the stadium for the 2015-16 season.

Our main contractor McLaughlin and Harvey (formerly called Barr) are busy finishing Phase 1 (South Stand) and Phase 2 (Dolman Stand) of their work. The South Stand is all but complete with the focus now on testing and commissioning the M&E (Mechanical and Electrical) services, external car park works and installing equipment in the kiosks. There is a bit more building work to do on the Dolman Stand but work here is catching up rapidly with the South Stand so completion of Phase Two will follow hot on the heels of Phase One.

Meanwhile, we (Bristol Sport) have been lining up another army of contractors for the client fit-out. There’s furniture to install, cellars to fit-out and signs to go up to name just a tiny fraction of what we have to do. Thankfully the numerous teams and contractors have been planning meticulously over the last few weeks and are ready to go.

The fit-out has also been planned around local company, and long-term Bristol Rugby sponsors, Integral Build who have been awarded the Enhanced Fit-Out contract. While McLaughlin and Harvey will handover a fully functioning stadium, many areas have been ear-marked for further enhancement. This work is a critical part of our vision to create a different and truly unique stadium experience and to stand-out from other new-build stadiums you may have seen across the country. It’s a large project in its own right but thankfully we’re able to make a start on some of the work before the 15th August. Getting some of the larger parts done in the close season will make the rest of the project much easier and means visitors should see the stadium evolving further during the first few games of the season.

Meanwhile, the Williams Stand roof has now been pulled to the ground and almost all of the Upper Williams has gone. With the Spectrum shed, club-shop and numerous out-buildings already out of the way some external ground works were progressed out of sight while the main stand was picked apart in stages to allow the main roof structure to be pulled carefully away from the pitch. In its place, the pylons for the temporary floodlights have now been erected along the touchline in preparation for the new season.

It’s been a very busy and complicated summer for everyone at Ashton Gate. Like Chris Froome climbing the Alpe d’Huez we’ve achieved a lot and there’s still a lot of hard work to be done…but the finish isn’t too far away – at least as far as Phase 1 and Phase 2 are concerned. There won’t be much rest though, as the stadium development team will immediately turn our attention toward Phase 3 and operationally we’ll have a fantastic new facility to run and a new season upon us.

The next few weeks will no doubt provide us with plenty of challenges as we move into the new stadium. There’ll be many changes to adjust to and no doubt the odd thing to put right but we’re very confident that with the continued support of all our hard working contractors and the continued patience of our supporters, we’ll be able to enjoy our new home.

Try out the new South Stand - Bristol Rugby will be holding an open training session on Friday, August 7th at 5.30pm, with free entry.

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