Video Update - Williams Stand Demolition Continues

Friday, July 3rd

Major progress has been made on the demolition of the Williams Stand this week as the £45 million rebuild of Ashton Gate continues.

Bristol Sport Chairman Martin Griffiths commented, "July is going to be a very big month for us, the end of phase one and two and beginning of phase three.

"When you start to see the Williams Stand disappearing it starts to get very real.

"We've been speaking with our contractors over the last few days looking at the final stages, they're confident they'll hand us over the stadium (Dolman and South Stands) at the end of this month.

"We'll be ready to go for the Brentford game."

Bristol Sport will be looking for feedback from fans attending the first few games in the new South Stand and reopened Dolman Stands:

"We're going to explore that new stand together, and we're looking for lots of fans' feedback on where we can improve and what enhancements we can make", the Bristol Sport Chairman told

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