Undisputedly, one of the best boxers of his generation, Barry McGuigan was an entertainer in the ring and a leader outside of it. The former World Champion and now leading promoter, certainly lived up to that reputation as he had the Big Sports Speaker audience gripped with fascinating stories from his inspirational boxing career.

As an amateur, McGuigan won a multitude of titles and at the tender age of 17 he took the gold medal at the 1978 Commonwealth Games and as a professional he won the British, European and World titles.

The boxing legend also shared some key lessons that he believes are key in becoming a success in business and sport. 

1. Drive:

“You need to be driven, give me a kid that is driven and not as talented as another guy any day, as in time he will overtake the talented guy because drive is everything. You need to work extremely hard to be the best.”

2. Self-Belief:

“You need to believe that you can reach the very top. You must think big otherwise you will limit yourself and never reach your potential. Aim for the ceiling and you might not get there, aim for the sky and you might just reach the ceiling.”