The team travel to Gloucester on Saturday, for a weekend of water polo finals. First up is the semi final against Manchester at 5:30pm.  

Bristol Central Coach, John Sissons said: “the team has been working very hard in preparation for this game.  We know it will be tough as Manchester are a very good and very strong team. 

He added: “they have a lot of pooltime and support from their council and are therefore able to perform at a consistently high level.  They are always one of the teams to beat.

“We know, if we perform to our ability, as we did in our home game against Invicta, that we can beat them, but we will have to be at our best.”

If Bristol win they will be through to the final which takes place on Sunday at Gloucester Leisure Centre at 2pm, featuring the winner of the second semi final between local rivals Cheltenham or Lancaster. The bronze medal game takes place at 11am.

Bristol captain, Dr Andy Crawford added:

“The boys are very excited and looking forward to Saturday’s game. Training has been hard, but we’re tapering now and working on fine tuning.  Like the rugby play offs, it’s all about the game in front of you. We have to win the semi and then anything is possible!”.

The British Championship’s will be live streamed from Saturday, May 14th at 2:30pm. Click here to watch online.