The tournament pulls together primary schools from across the city and surrounding areas to play in an annual football competition. Each school twins with another to form a joint team, mixing children from very different backgrounds.

The Mayor, who took office in May of this year, said the tournament would ‘unite young people’ and backed it to be a huge success.

He said: “The Bristol Together Championships unites young people from different walks of life and different areas of the city. 

“Sport is a great leveller – it breaks down barriers, helps us find common ground, gives us hope and inspiration.  

“I am committed to ensuring that all of our young people get the best possible start in life, and the importance of improving access and participation – not just in sport, but arts and culture too – across the whole city cannot be underestimated in that respect. 

 “I want Bristol to be a city that champions equality and diversity; somewhere everyone can participate in success.”

“Sport has given me so much in life and I want everyone to have those same opportunities to flourish, both on and off the pitch.”