The long-term Bristol City fan is heavily involved with the club and is now a Lansdown Club member.

He said: “I’ve been a City fan all my life and wanted to show my support to the club. Steve Lansdown puts so much money into the club and it seemed a good opportunity to give something back. We also sponsor Derrick Williams and through thick and thin we are here”.

George added: “I really enjoy bringing my 16 year-old grand daughter with me to the games.” 

Always the keen sportsman, he commented: “I played football until I was forty and I’ve been involved in shooting since I was a child.”

The Kingdown resident grew up in Scotland, he added: “I was brought up on a farm shooting rabbits and pigeons regularly then my family moved down here after selling the farm.”

The father of three received his first international cap for England and represented his country in the European Championships in France last month. There he went on to take the title.

“I was invited to shoot at the England selection shoots – and then at the age 66 I got my first international cap.”

This isn’t the first time George has shot competitively, he commented:

“I have been shooting all his life, and competed at events in America such as The Grand in Sparta Illinois, NY State Shoot, San Antonio, and Tusco.

“I don’t bother training I just do competitions, my house is full of cups and trophies.”

A competition involves shooting 200 clays over two days where you score three points if you break with the first barrel and two points if you hit with the second barrel.

“When shooting clays if I miss one or two that’s about as many as I’ll ever miss.”

George’s next event is the Missouri Fall Handicap from Thursday, October 1st.