Having had to put a lot of our community delivery on pause due to COVID-19, our focus shifted to producing digital content that can be downloaded, via our app from the comfort of your home. The content is aimed at getting families active together by completing fun games and challenges. The Road to Ashton Gate is the next step in this journey! 

Let us take you on an active journey through Bristol, passing various iconic Bristol landmarks, whilst you complete a variety of different themed challenges during each month of the year, which are released weekly as videos on the official BSF app.

Once you have completed the game, you can upload your results via the ‘Over to You’ section and claim your gold sticker (from the sticker book provided) to stick on the poster. With a variety of videos and challenges such as healthy cooking, adapted exercise and skills-based challenges, there is something for everyone.

The ultimate aim is to gain stickers for each month and complete the ‘Road to Ashton Gate’ whereupon you will be entered into a prize draw to win some fantastic Bristol Sport prizes.

The Road to Ashton Gate is a completely FREE resource and just requires users to download the Bristol Sport Foundation mobile app in order to play. Please use the link below to download everything you need to take part in this year-long series of interactive active free play content produced by the team at BSF that will help you to stay Active. Healthy. Happy at home. 

Stay safe, stay active

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