This project has been a labour of love and something that we have been working hard on behind the scenes for some months now. 

Developed in partnership with digital asset management company and valued Nascence partners PT SportSuite, this website is the next step in our digital transformation journey in order to help break down barriers to participation in sport and support the families of Greater Bristol, especially through this tough lockdown period and beyond.​​​​​​​ 

Rich Cheary, CEO of PT SportSuite, shared his thoughts on the launch of the new website “Being able to contribute and share our digital innovation with those whose main objective is to positively impact communities is something we are proud to be associated with” 

Amongst a number of new features, the new website will play host to BSFTV, a livestreaming and Netflix style video platform which will allow users to access our full back catalogue of active free play videos and regular, new content such as: 

  • Adapted sports delivery provided by Bristol Bears Community Foundation 
  • Heathy cooking recipe videos from The Children’s Kitchen  
  • Weekend family fitness sessions from BSF 

Rob Webber, Head of Operations at Bristol Sport Foundation, said We are delighted to launch our brand new website through Nascence Partners PT SportSuite as it gives us a really engaging platform to shout about the work that we do in the communities of Greater Bristol. However this project is so much more than a new website, it is the next step in our mission to use technology to help break down barriers and support families through the lockdown restrictions and as we look to rebuild life after this deadly virus.  

Our web app will host all of the fantastic content that currently resides on our smart phone app, which has been produced by our staff, Bristol Bears Community Foundation, Feeding Bristol, Square Food Foundation and our Nascence Partners, to allow a wider audience to easily access and view the content. From active free play games, healthy cooking lessons, story time reading sessions and adapted physical activity games there is hours of content to help keep families Active. Healthy. Happy.”