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It’s all thanks to the work of the Foundation and their new partnership with digital platform provider PT SportSuite, whose development of mobile apps for Bristol City, Bristol Bears and Bristol Flyers have launched in the past nine months. The Bristol Sport Foundation app will be available to download from Monday, July 27th.

PT SportSuite CEO Rich Cheary says: “Bringing sport and physical activity to the front rooms and gardens of the UK in these difficult times is the least we can do.

“We are helping Bristol Sport Foundation keep their community active and the feedback we’ve had so far has been fantastic.

“The platform allows families to engage with others taking part and means that they are making friends while keeping fit.”

The Bristol Sport Foundation works with communities in the greater Bristol area to deliver interventions that help people to live Active. Healthy. Happy lives. The aim is to not only help children and young people be active but also grow their confidence and aspirations.

Of course, the world’s battle with Covid-19 has brought a great level of uncertainty to such work by the Bristol Sport Foundation over the recent months.

But, with the help of digital media platform PT SportSuite, families will be able to access and take part in top level physical literacy lessons, active free play games and coaching right from the comfort of their homes.

PT SportSuite’s digital tools will allow Bristol Sport Foundation to deliver their coaching programmes straight to smartphones in an online community, allowing people to keep healthy and connect with each other in a time of isolation.

“We are fortunate to be in a position to offer something unique that adds short- and long-term value to the amazing people and the positive impact they inject within local communities,” Cheary continues.

“Our team are consciously aware that digital innovation can address inequality in society – be it health, education, financial – and so our partnership with Bristol Sport Foundation is a further extension of our commitment to working with sporting organisations to enable real community change.”

PT SportSuite will also ensure that Bristol Sport Foundation have the tools to collect, create and store more content than ever before, making sure the Bristol community always have something to dig their teeth into during quarantine.

Rob Webber, head of operations at the Bristol Sport Foundation, says: “During lockdown we have unfortunately seen health inequalities and inactivity rise at an alarming rate as families are confined at home and parents having to take on the role of teacher and coach alongside their day jobs and the normal challenges of being a parent, it’s a very unsettling and unclear time for parents and children.

“Children are spending increased times on their phones, so being able to use app-based technology to provide physical literacy lessons and active free play games and challenges, allowing children and parents to express themselves, be creative and lead active, healthy and happy lives in a safe environment.

“Our work with PT SportSuite means we can create a digital home in the form of a mobile app where children can put aside 15 minutes of their day, even in their own urban garden for example, and stay active, stay healthy.

“We’re excited about the partnership with PT SportSuite as, for us, it puts smart technology at the centre of our mission to help improve the lives of people living in the communities of Greater Bristol.”