How To Book Your Lansdown Club Member Tickets

Read our handy guide to booking your Lansdown Club member tickets below.

How do I find out when games go on-sale?

The best way to check out when games go on-sale is to visit the official clubs website and social media. This will also outline all sales periods and when bookings can be made.

I’ve been asked for my Supporter ID number how do I find this out?

Your Supporter ID number is placed on your Lansdown Club Membership card and your password will be your company postcode all in lower case with no space in between. If you don’t have your card please contact the Supporter Services team who will be happy to help.

I am a Lansdown Club Ticket Member, Standard, Plus or Executive Member and have a ticket allocation in my package. How can claim this/these?

Please select the game you’d like to attend. These tickets can be organised as soon as the game goes on-sale. To book your allocated tickets please contact with your company name and ticket request. We will get back to you with availability for that game and book your tickets and any additional tickets you require, subject to availability.

I am a Lansdown Club No Ticket Member and would like to book tickets for a game how can I do this?

Brilliant, this can be done in the member sales period and you are able to book one ticket in this period. If you would like to book additional tickets you can do these at a group ticket rate in the general sales period by using your Lansdown Member code which can be found in the monthly newsletter.

I am a VIP season card holder and have an inclusive Lansdown Club Membership and would like to book additional tickets for a game how can I do this?

That is no problem. This can be done in the member sales period and you are able to book one additional ticket in this period in the general stadium bowl. If you would like to book additional restaurant VIP seats this is not capped and you’re entitled to a guest rate, please contact for more information.

I have a ticket in my Lansdown Club package and would like to upgrade my tickets to hospitality how do I do this?

Of course, when booking your tickets please notify or call 0117 963 0600 option 1 for ticketing and state you would like to upgrade your tickets for the selected match. We will send you a hospitality booking form and outline the process to do this. Prices are in the below  below and more information on the packages can be discussed by contacting and stating you’re a Lansdown Club Member.




Heineken Lounge



Lansdown Restaurant

Club Section



Lansdown Restaurant

Premier Section



Lansdown Resturant

Elite Section




Please note that the costs are the same regardless of the game across all sports. All prices exclude VAT.

I would like to go to an away game to support the team, how can I book my tickets for this and how many am I entitled to book?

As a Lansdown Club Member you’re entitled to purchase one away ticket per membership in the level three booking period. To book your ticket you can do this by logging in online using your Supporter ID number and password or by calling our Supporter Services team on 0117 963 0600 option 1 for ticketing during the members phone sales period.

How do I login online to purchase my discounted tickets?

To login under your company record online please use the Supporter ID number on your membership card and your company’s lower case postcode with no gaps.

If you don’t know this number or you would like to set up your own personal record to book tickets this is no problem. Please create an account online with all of your details; you will be issued a Supporter ID number and can go through the booking process. When your tickets are in the basket please entre your Lansdown Club discount code to reduce your ticket value.

My employees would like to purchase discounted group rate tickets for a home league game/s how can they do this?

Great, group rate tickets are made available in the general sales period. Tickets can be purchased using an exclusive discount code that appears in your monthly Lansdown newsletter. To book your seats for the game this can be done by visiting the Bristol Sport website  or calling our Supporter Services team on 0117 963 0600 option 1 for ticketing and quoting the Lansdown Club code.

Where can I sit in the stadium with my discounted group rate tickets?

Group rate discount applies in the Family, South, Dolman Wings and West Wings at Ashton Gate Stadium and standard and courtside seating areas at SGS Arena, please note prices may vary per stand and on the category of game.

Is there a limit on the number of discounted tickets I can book for a game?

No, by using your code you’re able to book any number of tickets for the games subject to availability.  

What shall I do if I haven’t received my Lansdown Club discounted tickets code?

If you haven’t received your discount code please contact the lead membership booker who organised the companies Lansdown membership or e-mail with your company name and Supporter ID and we will be able to track this for you.