The Wall of Silence exhibition is a unique opportunity that will not only highlight child abuse, its impact and the suffering this causes, but also the sheer determination of those affected in trying to overcome the aftermath of that abuse. 
The Wall of Silence exhibition will be launched by The Southmead Project on Monday, January 4th 2016 with a private event at the Colston Hall (Old Box Office)  and will then be open to the public from Tuesday, January 5th until Sunday, January 9th from 9am – 5.00 pm.
Following this initial exhibition, the display will be toured across the UK.
Dr Mike Peirce MBE and member of the team at The Southmead Project said: “The money we hope to collect on Friday will go directly to the Bristol exhibition and our hope is that we raise enough to put the event on in City Hall London in February which is the start of the Sexual Abuse and Sexual Awareness week being held in the city.”
The team of fundraisers will have collection buckets at the Bristol Rugby game on Friday, December 11th so please give generously.