Wood, a member at Long Ashton Golf Club, is one of six rookies in Darren Clarke’s team – but the 28-year-old says he can’t wait to get started at Hazeltine National Golf Club.

Wood told rydercup.com: “I’d like to think once I get into the team stuff, my character comes out a bit more.

“I’m probably quite a quiet person and I don’t really show much emotion on the golf course but once I’m in that sort of environment with 11 of the guys, the caddies, the vice-captains, everyone, I think I’ll be in my element.

“I think it’s always the case that we’re underdogs. On paper you look at our team and we’re going to have six rookies but we can play. It’s not like we’re no good, we can play.

“The American team went through a bit of a transition, a bit of a changing of the guard four or five years ago.

“It’s bound to happen in Europe and it’s probably fallen this year but I still think we’ve got a strong team.

“You look at the players, Thomas Pieters is playing so well, Danny, myself, Fitz, Sully – we’ve got some really strong rookies in there.

“I saw a picture of the first tee on Twitter, it’s starting to take shape and it’s going to be like nothing else I’ve experienced, along with the five other rookies. I’m sure Clarkey, Poults, Thomas, Paul and Sam, they’re going to have things to prepare us for that moment.

“If we play our own games we’ll certainly give them a good run. Obviously it’s going to be a little harder given we’re away, we’ve got some rookies.

“But Europe always comes together and I think Darren has shown that with his three picks. 

“He’s gone for Martin and Lee who have got big Ryder Cup experience and Thomas, a full-time European Tour Member.

“The Ryder Cup brings the European Tour players together and that will always be the case – that’s as good as a 13th man I think.”