Bristol Sport Foundation

About Bristol Sport Foundation

About Bristol Sport Foundation Find out more

Bristol Sport Foundation (BSF) is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (Charity Number 1165410) and was registered on February 3rd 2016.

Our programmes

Our programmes Find out more

The Foundation identifies groups of people in our community that need support, designing outcome-based programmes to suit their needs.

Online booking

Online booking Book now

Use our online system to book your space on after-school clubs, holiday camps and plenty of other multi-sport activities.

Forever Sport

Forever Sport Find out more

Forever Sport provides a unique and comprehensive primary school physical education and sports coaching programme.

Equality, welfare and safeguarding

Equality, welfare and safeguarding Find out more

BSF ensures appropriate levels of safeguarding, equality and welfare for staff, volunteers, service users or participants on any of our prog

Nascence Project

Nascence Project Find out more

The Nascence Project is Bristol Sport Foundation’s business and community engagement programme, designed to bring business and community tog