Through the partnership, the Community Trust education cohort will benefit from the financial support and guidance offered from the PFA, while there will be the opportunity for staff to engage in multiple CPD sessions to ensure the highest level of delivery is maintained.

To make the event more memorable, several prestigious guests were in attendance, including Kris Irwin from the PFA, Community Trust Trustee Dave Baker, Nyree Davies and Jason Gunningham, who represented Bridgwater College and Tony Blatchford from Avon and Somerset Constabulary.

Sharing his delight in the partnership, PFA representative Kris Irwin said: “The launch event was an extremely successful event and the three learner centres at Ashton Gate look fantastic.

“It was nice to meet the Trust’s providers, trustees, members of staff, and some of the students who endorsed the great work the Trust execute, not to mention the informative tour of the club.

He added: “Learning and skills are so important in building better lives and as a result stronger communities.

“We at the PFA through our Union Learning Project recognise that Bristol City Community Trust are equal to, and in many cases producing higher results than other mainstream providers, so we are delighted to be supporting the club’s fantastic new facility.

“We thank the Community Trust’s staff that worked hard in creating a stimulating environment that students can only thrive in and we now look forward to working more closely in supporting the students through our own Achievement Through Sport provisions.”