Training for Break the Cycle 2018- What is involved

With 12 weeks to go to the 2018 Break The Cycle, the entries are in, the weather is improving (hopefully) and it is time to start some serious training. Three months to go is a perfect time to start to focus on your event, long enough to make a real impact but short enough to maintain your focus and motivation.

What is involved in a long ride?

Whether you are a seasoned sportive cyclist, or this will be your first cycling marathon the physical demands of the ride are still the same, you will just be picking your challenge level, from the 10mile Spectrum ride to the 100mile epic.

The most important aspect is your aerobic fitness, so being able to pump oxygen around the body and your muscles ability to use this oxygen. Getting out on your bike and riding at a pace where you can still speak will improve your fitness. As you get fitter you will be able to ride faster for the same effort and be able to climb steeper hills without getting out of breath.

Second on your physical shopping list is endurance. This is being able to keep going at a set speed, to do this you need to have the muscle endurance to do the thousands of pedal strokes required and then being able to use body fat as a fuel source not just sugars.  Best way to improve this is to steadily increase your ride length at a steady aerobic pace (still speaking) over the coming weeks. Start off on flatter routes and add hills later on.

Whatever your ride distance, look to complete one long ride a week, start with what you feel comfortable with and look to increase by up to 10% each week until you get to 80% of the distance of the challenge, so 53miles for the 66mile riders. Once you get there then look to build up the climbing so that it also gets to 80% of the ascent in the ride.

On a mid week day, look to get in one shorter ride where you focus on upping the speed. In a one hour ride, warm up for 5mins easy, then ride 50mins at a hard pace but still in control of your breathing (so you can just say a sentence) then 5min easy. Record your avg speed or distance for the ride and look for this to increase over the coming weeks.

If you can do more then that is great but these are two rides which if done weekly will make a big difference.

Next blog we will look at Nutrition.

Thanks Oli

Oli Beckingsale and Andy Wadsworth have more than 50 years of professional cycling experience between. They opened BW Cycling in 2012 with the aim of using this experience to offer the best equipment, fitting and training advice so that riders can achieve their goals whether they be health, challenge or competition.

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