Sums and Scrums

Sums and Scrums is a 6-week Rugby themed mathematics programme that uses the sport of Rugby and the power of the Bristol Bears Rugby Club brand to make learning about numbers, fun, exciting, and rewarding.

By integrating interactive classroom maths sessions with practical number-based Rugby games the programme develops the numeracy skills of all children taking part, but particularly targets those who may have become disengaged with learning maths in a conventional setting.

The children will explore a number of problem-solving activities that demonstrate how maths is used in everyday situations and in particular by professional Rugby players. Targeted at Year 4 pupils but with differentiations suitable to meet Year 3 objectives, all lessons are built around the National Curriculum and include prepared resources.  

Key Aims

  • Improve children’s confidence in their number skills
  • Increase children’s appreciation of the importance of number skills
  • Enhance children’s uptake and enjoyment of physical activity

Programme Structure

  • How to score points in Rugby – learn the different ways to score in Rugby and use their mental arithmetic and times tables to calculate match results.
  • Design a Rugby Stadium – design a Rugby stadium using a variety of 2D shapes in their drawings.
  • Use Maths to compare teams and players – analyse and compare data from Bristol Bears Rugby players.
  • Budget a trip to watch Bristol Bears Rugby – discuss methods of spending and saving, and budget a trip to watch a Bristol Bears Rugby game at the stadium.
  • Plan a food diary for a Bristol Bears Rugby player – design a healthy meal with accurate proportions of different amounts of food.
  • Produce an advertising plan for Bristol Bears Rugby­ – use perimeter to calculate total cost of pitch-side LCD advertising display boards.

Alongside these classroom-based lessons, the children will also have a practical Tag Rugby session each week to learn skills such as passing, catching, tagging, and attacking and defending.

What’s Included?

  • Fully resourced lesson plans linked to National Curriculum objectives
  • Six weeks of classroom-based lessons delivered to two classes of Year 3 or 4 each week
  • Six weeks of practical Tag Rugby sessions delivered to two classes of Year 3 or 4 each week

How to book: For more information or to book Sums & Scrums for your school, please contact Sammy Knighton, Sums & Scrums Programme Manager at