The Forever Sport journey: making the delivery of high quality PE simple for our partner schools

Through Forever Sport we can help drive your PE curriculum and achieve a whole school impact. We aim to support with the day-to-day co-ordination whilst maintaining your control over the design and variety of your PE curriculum. To ensure this happens we have designed a simple ‘journey’ that we will guide you through from the moment you become a partner school.

What you need to do:

  1. Inform Tom Monks, Programme Manager, that you would like to proceed with a Forever Sport package
  2. Meet with a member of the Forever Sport management team to design your bespoke PE curriculum, during this meeting we will:
    1. Discuss current provision
    2. Identify focus areas and objectives, for example, sports that teaching staff need upskilling in (teacher mentoring)
    3. Map the curriculum delivery for the academic year to ensure that all year groups are engaged and inspired with high quality PE
    4. Introduce all of our programmes (Forever Sport, We Love Sport, Health Squad etc.)
    5. Design an annual after school club programme that provides an extended opportunity for children to participate in sport
  3. Receive, read and agree with the information in our ‘Partner School Information Pack’

What we do for you:

  1. Assign a Bristol Sport Foundation/Bristol Rugby Community Foundation head coach who will be with you throughout the entire academic year to micro-manage the programme specifically for your school
  2. Timetable sport specialist coaches according to your agreed PE curriculum
  3. Facilitate a meeting between the school (PE Lead/Headteacher) and the allocated head coach before the start of term 1 to:
    1. Ensure the head coach is aware of school policies, e.g. behaviour policy
    2. Familiarise themselves with the school facilities
    3. Introduce the head coach to staff and pupils
  4. Timetable our complimentary programmes (We Love Sport/Health Squad/Sums and Scrums)
  5. Advertise, administer and analyse after school clubs through our online booking and payment system
  6. Send termly updates from the head coach to keep you informed of progress and to provide a summary of the following terms’ provision
  7. NEW for 2018/19 - Assist with the reporting of the impact of your PE and sport premium spending by providing accurate analysis of the Forever Sport programme including visuals based on the five key indicators of the PE & sport premium funding

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Design your PE curriculum

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