Coronavirus (Covid-19) has had a profound effect on the world, with social distancing and restrictions on movement resulting in a complete overhaul of the way many people get active.

Whilst community sports are starting to resume and people are returning to regular activity, albeit with certain restrictions, the national lockdown has inevitably had a negative impact on the physical and mental health of many children due to inactivity, poor nutrition, and a lack of social interaction.

To help reverse this impact Bristol Sport Foundation has redesigned their physical literacy programme, We Love Sport (WLS) to assess the physical competency (agility, balance & coordination), motivation, confidence, sporting knowledge and understanding of school children throughout Greater Bristol.

Phill Morgan, WLS Programme Lead, commented on the programme’s importance; “With the national lockdown decreasing activity levels of children across the UK it is more important than ever to assess their physical literacy and to provide them with targeted support in order to improve the physical and mental health.”

“The six-week programme focuses on six areas of physical competency alongside Jailbreak, our popular and inclusive multi-evasion game which develops numerous transferrable sports skills.”

“Each competency is assessed and the data analysed to provide schools with a clear overview of every child’s physical competency to best guide them in supporting physical and mental health improvements during the PE curriculum.”

“Alongside WLS, the foundation can also run targeted extra-curricular interventions that utilise the results from the assessment framework to ensure maximum impact.”

“Our experienced coaches Josh & Chad are out delivering at Glenfrome Primary School which is part of our broader PE and sports coaching programme, Forever Sport, and the feedback has been fantastic.” 

Kirsty Pugh, the PE lead at Glenfrome Primary School, has been delighted with how the programme has been going. “The children at Glenfrome are always looking forward to the fantastic We Love Sport lessons.”

“The children are excited and motivated every week and are always up for taking on the challenges and assessments that Bristol Sport Foundation put in front of them during the lessons.”

If you are interested in finding out more about Bristol Sport Foundation’s physical literacy programme, please contact Phill by emailing

Children from Glenfrome Primary School taking on the standing long jump, which is one of six physical literacy assessments delivered during the programme.