Together with the charity’s official technology partners, PT SportSuite and Sports Alliance, the Foundation has designed a solution that collects and analyses real time behavioural and attitudinal data and uses app-based technology to share personalised content created by a team of trained PE and sport coaches, making it easier for children and families to be active, track progress and complete milestone activities.

The data collected can also be used to drive local and national research projects and to give the Foundation a greater understanding of the barriers that our communities face when trying to be physically active and the role that being active plays in leading a healthy and happy life.

The project also links in with the Foundation’s ‘Active. Healthy. Happy’ campaign, which launched in February and rose to prominence during the early stages of the coronavirus lockdown, with coaches from the charity using social media videos to tackle inactivity throughout the most challenging of times.

James Watmough, Pilot and Priority Place Manager at Sport England said: “Clearly the world has changed during the recent pandemic and it is pleasing to see local partners adapt to the current circumstances in an agile way.

“Here at Sport England, we are really proud of the relationship we have built with Bristol Sport Foundation and the partner charities and we are excited to support this programme of tech based solutions to increase levels of physical activity whilst learning more about the individuals and communities we are here to support.”

Ben Breeze, Chief Community Officer at Bristol Sport Foundation said: “Bristol Sport Foundation is delighted to announce the next phase of our ‘Active. Healthy. Happy’ campaign.

“This next phase will bring all of our programmes and services together in one, easy to access place, as we continue our work with Sport England, Sports Alliance, the local authorities and the University of Bristol to help families and communities be physically active during and after lockdown.

“This is a really exciting time for everyone at the Foundation, as we get closer to demonstrating how increased sport and physical activity can have a positive impact on physical and mental health, and we want you to join us and enjoy the benefit of an active, healthy and happy life.”