The project is aimed at men of all ages and physical ability, who are committed to improving their health through weekly involvement in a competitive football league. 

An introductory session will take place at South Bristol Sports Centre on Monday, January 23rd, with the weekly Bristol League commencing on Monday, January 30th, 7-9pm. 

Every player who registers on the programme will be in a similar state of mind and will share the same end goal – to enjoy football, make new friends, lose weight and get healthier. 

Uniquely, the league is not decided just on points won, but also pounds lost, which will be noted at the weekly weigh-in. 

To ensure maximum results are achieved with regards to weight loss, each player will be provided with dietary advice, have access to unique resources and have continuous support available to them. 

To join the league, participants will need to pay £9.99 for registration, or £14.99 with a free copy of five-star rated The MAN v FAT Weight Loss Manual (RRP £12.99). Participants will then need to pay a further £6 per week, or an outright payment of £79.99. 

In a recent assessed 14-week pilot scheme of an identical programme, run by Solihull Council, players lost 22lbs on average, with 62 per cent hitting their five per cent body weight target. The maximum weight lost by one player was 67lbs and the highest bodyweight percentage lost was 26 per cent – demonstrating the programme’s effectiveness. 

Because the league is not just decided on the number of games won on the pitch, individuals can join a team as a non-playing member if they do not wish to compete in the fixtures. Instead, they will partake in the weigh-in at the weekly sessions and cheer on their team from the sidelines, with their weight loss contributing to the team’s overall success. 

Upon registration, participants will be allocated a team, so teams do not need to be entered in advance. 

Each week teams will play four fixtures of 30-minute slots, making it an intense but rewarding programme. 

For more information on the MAN v FAT project, please contact the Trust on 0117 963 0636 or