Earlier this week, Castle School pupil Alex – who had previously told her colleagues that she ‘did a bit of swimming’ – treated and surprised her colleagues by bringing in her four gold medals, earned throughout a prolific swimming career to date.

As she later revealed, Alex holds SEVEN Mosaic Downs Syndrome Swimming world records and more than 20 medals.

Chief community officer, Ben Breeze, who caught a glimpse of Alex’s medals, praised her ‘exceptional achievement’.

“When Alex told us she ‘did a bit of swimming’ we didn’t expect her to have understated herself so much,” he said.

GOLDEN GIRL: Alex’s pride and joy from her extensive success on the world stage.

“Seven world records and numerous gold medals on the world stage is far more than ‘a bit of swimming’ and an exceptional achievement.

“But away from the pool, Alex has quickly become a vital member of the Bristol Sport store staff and is further proof that our work experience programme is life-changing and so vitally important.

“We are very proud of Alex and all of the young people on our work experience programme and long may their achievement s continue.”

RECORD BREAKER: A list of the current world records held by Alex Edward’s in Mosaic Downs Syndrome Swimming. 

All aged 15-19; the young people on WEX have identified Special Educational Needs and attend schools across Bristol, including New Fosseway School and Warmley Park School.