Bristol Sport Foundation (BSF) Head Coach, Adam Sinden, organised a very special surprise for Year 6 at Hannah More Primary School. Adam, who’s been delivering BSF’s Forever Sport programme at the primary school in St Phillips, arranged a Zoom call with Bristol City FC players, Timm Klose and Tomas Kalas.

Adam says,

“The pupils couldn’t believe it when I told them what I had planned. We have some huge Bristol City fans in the class so I knew it would be a really special treat. I wanted the pupils to hear another voice other than mine or the school staff, and I thought the players represent great role models for the children.

“Year 6 have their SATs coming up next month and I thought the players could help them understand about working hard to reach your greatest potential. I knew it could help them continue the hard work I saw throughout last term and give them a boost to continue that hard work for their exams in May.”

Adam, who is based at Hannah More delivering PE four days a week continued.

“I have been based at the school since the start of this academic year and now we’re in Term 5, I’ve established a fantastic relationship with the school, teachers and children through delivering our Forever Sport programme. The children are loving the new skills and different sports they get to learn each term, and the teachers have given me lots of positive feedback. 

“I would like to say a big thank you to Bristol City Football Club and to Timm and Tomas for giving up some time in their busy schedules. They gave fantastic advice and answered all of the questions from the very excitable children. Afterwards, the children were talking about the advice on working hard in school to help you to achieve what you want in life.”

Tom Monks, Head of Programmes at BSF says,

“This is a perfect example of how BSF comes together with the professional clubs of Bristol Sport to use our unique relationship to create fantastic opportunities for the children in our partner schools. A key part of my role as Head of Programmes is to match the right BSF head coach with each of our partner schools. Since Adam started at Hannah More, I’ve have received incredibly positive feedback from the school to say how much the children have engaged and developed with him during the breakfast clubs, lunch clubs, curriculum PE and after school clubs that he delivers. Adam is so invested in enhancing the pupil’s lives.”

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