“Creating new relations and networking was never a huge strength of mine. But stand me in front of million’s people talking about something I’m passionate about and that’s easy. The Lansdown Club and the membership has kind of merged my strength and weakness together to help me move myself and our business forward.

“Having played at the Bristol City Academy as a youngster, I always wanted to come back to the team that gave me so many amazing experiences. At the age of 12/13, I had the pleasure in taking part in the football foundation training session on the pitch at the start of the game and at half time when we were playing Bristol Rovers. That moment has stuck in my mind for years.

“As I grew older and unfortunately didn’t make it into the pro ranks, I had to get my head down and focus on education and my career and that’s when my story began with finance. 14 years on I’m now a proud owner of my own business, Integra Financial ltd with two superb business partners Will Taynton and Tom Lester.

“As part of our journey as a business, not only did we want to be successful with our mainstream business but we wanted to give something back to our local community.

“When I was introduced to Chris Stenner, Polly Wardle and Billy Whittaker at Bristol City Community Trust, this gave me an incredible opportunity to pass on my experiences, knowledge and passion to their students. I’ve had a fantastic time coming back to the club and supporting a phenomenal group of people. I wish all of the students and the staff the very best of luck with their challenges and future.”