The Community Trust programme is aimed at men of all ages and physical ability who are committed to improving their health through weekly involvement in a competitive football league. Uniquely, the league is not decided on points won alone, but also pounds lost which will be noted at the weekly weigh-in. 

The 61 players currently signed up have lost a total of 307.2kg to date, while 26 of the 61 have lost at least 5% of their starting body weight.

The biggest loss by a single player is 15.6kg over the five-week period, with the most lost – in terms of percentage of starting body weight by a single player – is a remarkable 9.71%.

Programme manager, Geoff Stevens described the results as ‘hugely impressive’ and praised the commitment of his group.

“It’s great to see everyone’s hard work really paying off with these fantastic results, which can simply be put down to hard work and determination,” he said.

“To have lost more than 300kg as a group is hugely impressive and we look forward to seeing the guys progress further as the weeks go on.

“It’s not only the weight loss which is encouraging, but the increased standard of football and the social benefits incorporated in the programme are equally as clear to see.

“The Community Trust is delighted to be involved in this nationwide programme and hopefully we will continue to see this kind of progress throughout the remainder of the project.”