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NOTA update: Shaky moments, barnacles and rivals in sight

Nuts Over the Atlantic have described some ‘shaky moments’ during the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge, but say they are confident of catching up race rivals Oarstruck in the next week.

The quartet have passed the halfway stage and are now 1302NM from the finish in Antigua, but expect conditions to halt their charge over the next few days.

“We’re catching up to Oarstruck every day, we’ve shaved off a further five miles off of them and we’re confident of overtaking them in the next week,” said Steve Baker.

“Yesterday we got in the water for the first time to clean the boat and scrape the barnacles off.

"Jon and Mark volunteered for the tough task and even though we went side on to the waves, there were shaky moments, but they got the job done. 

“Conditions have tailed off the last couple of days, so we expect to go slightly slower over the next 2-3 days.”

You can follow Nuts’ progress by clicking here.