About Us

Bristol Sport Foundation is on a mission to demonstrate the true impact of professional sport based charity working.

We have an amazing team of people who have seen the power that sport has to break down barriers and tackle health and social inequalities across Bristol. Check out the video below to find out to a little bit about how we operate.  

We are designing and adopting smart technology solutions to demonstrate impact and refine our approach. We continue to raise the profile and increase the resource available to the sport development sector in Bristol through strategic alignment with like-minded regional and national partners.

We use the emotive power of our professional sport brands in the community and through matchday, alongside passionate and well-qualified staff that use the values and ethics of each individual sport, or in our case, a combination of sports, to positively impact on the physical and mental health of the communities we engage with.

Sport and physical activity, including professional sport based charities, have a part to play in addressing health inequalities, we aim to enhance and cement partnership working between pro-sport charities and health stakeholders for the benefit of the most disadvantaged in our society.