Forever Sport

Forever Sport provides a comprehensive physical education and sports coaching programme to primary schools across Greater Bristol to help children fall in love with sport and enjoy being active.

All young people should have the opportunity to live Active, Healthy and Happy Lives and Forever Sport helps to achieve this by using a unique head coach and specialist sports coach model to provide engaging and active lessons, sport-based interventions and extra-curricular clubs that initiate systemic whole school change.

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Forever Sport partner schools receive a wide range of support and resources as part of their package, however, at the heart of Forever Sport is a first class primary school PE and sports coaching programme with the following key features:

  • Two-Coach Model We advocate a two-coach model for our in-curriculum coaching delivery to ensure a low pupil to coach ratio, enhance the effectiveness of our teacher mentoring and to ensure that safeguarding is prioritised.
  • Consistent Head Coach: To ensure consistency of delivery, each partner school will be assigned one experienced and highly qualified head coach for the whole academic year.
  • Sport Specialist Coaches: Alongside the head coach we will provide sport specialist coaches who will provide unrivalled subject knowledge, enthusiasm and passion for their individual sport.
  • Full Journey Teacher Mentoring: The up-skilling of teaching staff is an important feature of our Forever Sport offer. 
  • Pupil Assessments: Our head coaches assess the pupils each term. This data will be available for use by the school and will be easy to interpret, creating a very useful resource for Ofsted, Healthy Schools certification and parent teacher evenings. 
  • Extra-curricular clubs: We provide sports based breakfast, lunch and after-school clubs for KS1 and KS2 that are designed to be fun and active for all participants. 

Want to find out what our primary schools say about the Forever Sport programme? then check out our live survey report by clicking below and if you are interested in the programme then please contact Tom Monks, Head of Programmes, on