Corporate teams from Bristol saddled up for the challenge, following a map with a number of locations marked around the city, including Ashton Gate Stadium. After arriving at each location, teams had to locate the answer to a Bristol-related question, with points given for correct answers.

Teams had 90 minutes to visit as many locations and gather as many points as possible, with deductions for running over the allotted time period.

These funds will help the Foundation to deliver more coaching hours and impact more people, positively affecting the lives of thousands of people using the power of sport.

“The event was a great success, with over 20 teams from the Bristol professional community providing a huge amount of competitiveness and generosity to the treasure hunt and auction raffle draws,” said Peter Abel, Director, Santander Growth Capital.

“From an initial slow start, we then tracked a number of teams splitting into smaller groups, hiring bikes, taking taxis, and running back to the finishing post so as not to avoid any time penalties.

“I would like to thank all of the teams that took part and the Santander team who helped to put this event on.”

Santander is in its second year as principal sponsor of Break the Cycle and will put themselves to the test on Sunday, July 1st when they take on the fundraising ride. 

They are also a founding partner of Nascence, the Foundation’s business and community engagement progamme, with staff delivering on the Reading Stars scheme at Hotwells Primary School.

“I would like to say a huge thank you to Peter, Alex and the team at Santander for organising this event, and for their continued support of Break The Cycle,” said Paul Glanville, Bristol Sport Foundation’s corporate partnership manager. 

“Our working relationship with Santander is a great example of the Nascence Programme, by combining business and community through sport, with the goal of making a real difference. 

“We look forward to developing an even better working relationship in the future and I would like to wish their riders luck on July 1st.”