In partnership with Bridgwater College, the Community Trust transported 60 first year students to Bridgwater, for a four-day residential camp.

The introductory phase’s emphasis is on allowing relationships to be built amongst newly aquatinted students and staff. During their stay, the students engaged in a spectrum of team-building activities, including abseiling, kayaking, paddle boarding and high ropes.

The students returned to Bristol today, before they will commence with the programmes second phase tomorrow, which requires them to visit charities and local organisations and become aware of the copious charitable work being conducted throughout the city.

Commenting on the programme, head of education Chris Stenner said: “NCS acts as a gateway to the big society for many young people, by supporting them to develop the skills and attitudes they need to get more engaged with their communities and become active and responsible citizens.

“NCS is an important edition to our courses, providing students with opportunities to take part in activities away from their everyday environment and put them in situations outside of their comfort zones.

“Phase one of the programme in particular builds a closeness between the students, which from previous years has proven to benefit the students’ group work throughout the remainder of the academic year.

“Phase one was a huge success, and hopefully the students’ enjoyment continues throughout the remaining phases.”

If you would like to engage in NCS with the Trust in the 2017/18 academic year, by enrolling on to one of four exciting post-16 college courses, please click here for a detailed description of each course.