Pupils from Brimsham Green School, Freeways School, Warmley Park, New Fosseway, Claremont and Kings Weston in Shirehampton joined elderly people from St Monica Wills House and members of Paul’s Place Boccia team for the three-hour festival. 

Boccia is a game of strategy and accuracy that was originally designed to be played by people with cerebral palsy. Now, the sport includes athletes with impairments that affect motor skills.

The sport is played on a flat, smooth surface, where players must throw or roll coloured balls as close as possible to a white target ball, known as the “jack.” The player, pair or team with the most balls near the jack is the winner.

The individual and pair matches consist of four ends, while team matches have six ends. After each end, the athlete, pair or team with the ball closest to the jack receive one point, and an additional point for every ball that is closer to the jack than the opponent’s.