In the spirit of their ‘Do-Good’ company values, Xledger decided to purchase a 3D printer to make the NHS approved face shields at home. Each shield is made up of a headframe and clear visor screen, which take 2.15 hours to print before needing to be manually assembled and disinfected. 

Xledger initially delivered 50 headframes, with 100 spare visors to the Greenway Community Practice and is now donating 50 shields per week to other local practices in the Bristol Community.

“When I realised that some of my colleagues were scared for their partners’ safety every day because the local practices were lacking adequate PPE, I knew we needed to do something,” said CEO Mark Pullen.

“We were able to source 500 disposable masks quickly, but when we sent them over to the local Greenway Community Practice it became clear that what they needed was robust face shields to sufficiently protect them against the virus.

“We created rainbow coloured headframes to coincide with the NHS hope symbol, as well as glow in the dark ones, as my daughter said they would look like halos for the angels in the NHS that are looking after us.

“Xledger are continuing to create the shields on an ongoing basis and are donating them to local practices that are in short supply, or anywhere people are exposing themselves, such as GPs and opticians. We’re happy that we can do something to help our colleagues’ families and frontline staff in the community.”